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Therapist Introduction Arisa

Arisa (19)
T.160 B.90(E) W.63 H.89
English skill level
Erotic massge level Erotic massge level
Reflexology Reflexology
Head massage Head massage
Stretch Stretch
Blowjob with or without condom?
Both ok!
Luxury option

Therapist's Message.
nice to meet you! Have a nice time
Sincerely heal.
Manager's Message.
Anyway, she has a charming personality and is a good listener! She always has a smile and a bright personality! !! !!
It's very friendly and you can be healed just by being together ☆
A girl who was playing sports, her body is tight and she has a beautiful style that you can hardly see. I would like you to see the things hidden in your clothes! !!
You can get a glimpse of how the service spirit is high and you can do your best even though you are inexperienced.

Arisa (19)

T.160 B.90(E) W.63 H.89

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Therapist Interviews

Q.Most attractive feature
Q.My personality
A.Bright and curious
A.Exercise, reading
Q.Favorite color
Q.Favorite food
A.Spicy things
Q.Perferred type of man
A.Sincere person
Q.Favorite movie,music and manga
A.Conan, J-POP, Dragon Ball
Q.Age of first sexual experience
A.15 years old
Q.Special abilities
A.Cooking, piano
Q.Favorite place in Japan
A.Where you can feel the history
Q.Favorite word in Japanese

Arisa Photo diary

Jun 30, 2022, 18:42

Hi, I'm Arisa.

I am looking forward to seeing the gentleman today as well.

Let's have a nice summer ♡

Today is from 19:00 to 3:00.
I'm waiting for you.
Jun 27, 2022, 18:27

Hi, I'm Arisa.

June will be over soon.

What are you doing today?
Are you planning to come see me?
I'm looking forward to it.

Today is from 18:00 to 4:00.
I hope you meet me♡
Jun 25, 2022, 18:51

Hi, I'm Arisa.

Thank you to the gentleman who came to see me yesterday!!!

Today is from 18:00 to 4:00.

What do you want to play with me?
Please tell me what you want me to do♡

I'm waiting for you to see me.
Jun 24, 2022, 17:35

Hi, I'm Arisa.

Thank you to the gentleman who came to see me yesterday.
I was happy to say that you are so cute.

How about my new clothes?
Cute? Sexy? Or...

Today is from 18:00 to 4:00.
I am looking forward to meeting wonderful people today.
I'm waiting for you♡
Jun 23, 2022, 16:31

Hi, I'm Arisa.

I'm glad that the gentlemen came to see me last week.
Thank you for a wonderful time♡

What kind of gentlemen will come to see me this week?
I want to spend a sweet time♡

Today is from 16:00 to 2:00.
I'm waiting for you♪
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Arisa Customers FeedbackTotal 2  (1 - 2)   
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Taiwan.Date of service 09/30/22

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
First impression is more mature than her age. She is highly cooperated and obedience. I can feel she tried best to meet my needs and make me feel happy. I gradually find out that she has warmer heart than her appearance. In addition, if you like massage, she is patient in providing full body massage. I enjoy her tender services and would like to meet Arisa again.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Singapore.Date of service 24/8/2022

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Arisa is young and beautiful, with a smile that lights up the room. She was very professional while being very very sexy. Her massage skills were excellent. I wish I was staying longer in Tokyo as I would have booked her again. Looking forward to seeing her on my next visit
Total 2  (1 - 2)   

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