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Therapist Introduction Eri

Eri (26)
T.163 B.91(H) W.59 H.88
English skill level English skill level
Massage level Massage level
Reflexology Reflexology
Head massage Head massage
Stretch Stretch
Blowjob with or without condom?
With condom
Luxury option

Therapist's Message.
I want to ease your stress. Let me give you massage.
Manager's Message.
Eri is a gracious character in our shop and seems very Japanese woman. We recommend with confidence.

Eri (26)

T.163 B.91(H) W.59 H.88

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Therapist Interviews

Q.Most attractive feature
A.Almond eye
Q.My personality
A.Feminine Warm personality
Q.Favorite color
Q.Favorite food
Q.Perferred type of man
Q.Favorite movie,music and manga
A.「Pretty Woman」「Sailor Moon」
Mariah Carey
Q.Age of first sexual experience
A.20 years old
Q.Special abilities
Q.Favorite place in Japan
Q.Favorite word in Japanese

Eri Photo diary

Hi 💕
May 25, 2019, 19:06

It's been a long time.   How are you?   It is weather like the early summer today.   I changed my wardrobe to summer clothes.     Then I found pretty lingerie from the depths of the chest.         How do yo like this lingerie?     I'm waiting your call tonight .       Eri        
Nice weather🕊🍀
May 19, 2019, 15:49

Hi How do you do?   Today is so nice day.   I find a song.   It's  standard number of Jazz.     The Breeze And I(Words by Al Stillman and Music by Ernesto Lecuona) The breeze and I are saying with a sigh.   That you no longer care.   The breeze and I are whispering goodbyeTo dreams we used to share.   Ours was a love song that seemed constant as the moon.   Ending in a strange, mournful tune.   And all about me, they know you have departed without me.   And we wonder why, the breeze and I   The breeze and I           Some time I Join Jam session.     I try to sing this song next time.     Please call me tonight.     I'll sign songs for you .     XXX           Eri      
a tender breeze
May 17, 2019, 16:41

Good morning! You’re my happiness!     How are you today?     Today is so nice out.     We want to go on a picnic someday.     Please teach me what your favorite your mothers dishes.     I'll try to cook for you and let's eat outside .       Tonight I'm going to come my office at 19:00PM.       Please call me 🌈✨ XXX       Eri    
Good morning song!
May 16, 2019, 05:59

Thank you so much for you calling yesterday     Please come back to me      Take care .       I recommend to you this song      Please listen        Eri
This is me💕
May 16, 2019, 00:24

This photograph is me, too💛✨✨   How do you think?
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