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Customers Feedback
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  • Therapist's Rena   Very good
  • Date of service May 20
    Country United States.
Rena was sweet and warm. By the time she was done with me I was too drunk on pleasure to speak properly. We were a great fit. I will definitely call on her again.
Other opinions

  • Therapist's Lily   Very good
  • Date of service 12 May 2017
    Country Germany.
Lily-san is a beautiful, kind, charming and very cute young lady with a very good command of the English language. She made me feel so good that I wanted that time stood still. I definitively want to see her again when I return to Tokyo. Next time we dance, Lily-san, 'cause you're a sky full of stars - arigato gozeimasu!
Other opinions
Very friendly operator, easy communication

  • Therapist's Umi   Very good
  • Date of service 2017/04/14
    Country America.
Other opinions

  • Therapist's Nana   Very good
  • Date of service April 12, 2017
    Country Canada.
I really enjoyed my time with Nana. She is very sweet, gentle and really pretty. Her massage was very good and relaxing. She is very skillful and she does an excellent job of really taking good care of you. I would definitely book her again next time. I wish I could have spend a longer time with her. She is that good!
Other opinions
The staff was really great. Very helpful. Excellent job!

  • Therapist's Lily   Very good
  • Date of service 29 Mar 2017
    Country Hong Kong.
She is so gentle and skillful make me feeling so comfortable. It was an unforgettable night and strong recommend my good friends to try her services. A really attractive lady with beautiful body and smooth skin. I tried it for 60 minutes and simply felt not enough.
Other opinions

  • Therapist's Lily   Very good
  • Date of service March 2, 2017
    Country Philippines.
Lily has very smooth skin and a very sexy body. Her breasts are extremely beautiful. We were able to communicate very clearly since she has good English skills. She is caring and considerate.
Other opinions

  • Therapist's Kurumi   Very good
  • Date of service 02/24/2017
    Country Asia.
Kurumi, not only adorable and polite, is a very professional massage therapist. Wish her dream of becoming a げいぎ come true!
Other opinions

  • Therapist's    Good
  • Date of service 14/2
    Country Hk.
A sweet girl entered my place, I received a cheerful smile and lovely eye contacted. We had a joyful time when we went shower together. During the massage, she touched my body gently and we chilled happily during the journey. In a word, she is my gift in my journey, and I received more than my expectation, such a joyful massage, wish to see her soon XXX
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  • Therapist's Maki   Very good
  • Date of service 11 February 2017
    Country Indonesia.
She is a really nice and gentle companion, I wish I can meet her again when I am back in Tokyo.
Other opinions

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service February 9
    Country USA.
Very friendly and kind, relaxing massage, very satisfied.
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