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We are implementing STD

We are conducting STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing for infection prevention to all therapists every month, and requesting GME medical research institute which is an authentive medical examination in Japan.

We carry out a thorough test to prevent infection to customers not to mention other therapists.

【Test Items】
・HIV・Syphilis・Genital chlamydia・Genital gonorrhea
・Trichomoniasis・Candida・Pharyngeal chlamydia・Pharyngeal gonorrhea

GME medical research institute

In accordance with the rules, all therapist are required to do STD testing every month, and GME medical research institute’s latest inspection method introduce safe and trusted systems.

When a therapist falls under any of the following above items, and she will receive medical treatment at the medical institution immediately, and also she will get suspension until the therapist obtains the healing certificate of the doctor.


Today's Therapists!!


Rika (22)

T.160 B.88(F) W.56 H.83


Aoi (26)

T.160 B.88(E) W.56 H.86


Jura (21)

T.146 B.87(D) W.56 H.87


Nene (25)

T.156 B.89(C) W.58 H.91


Miyu (23)

T.148 B.93(H) W.58 H.86


Mei (23)

T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93