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Please refer on the Telephone

Choose your desired therapist from our website and then call us on the telephone.

Please let us know your desired date and location.
We will tell you when the therapist you have chosen is available and when she will arrive.

A therapist asks the room

The therapist will ask for your room number.
Please wait in the room until she arrives.
She will soon deliver an out-of-this-world experience.


The therapist will ask you to chose one of many oil types for your massage: Ylangylang, Plumeria, Tea tree, Orange, Rosemary, Lavender, etc.


Standard course

Body wash

Standard course.
Body Wash.
To prepare for the aroma massage in the bed the therapist will first wash your body while topless and wearing nothing more than a thong.
She will totally clean your skin and utilize a variety of massage to deepen the penetration of the oil massage.

Deluxe course

The breast body wash & The bath is possible together too ( Hope system )

Deluxe course.
Breast Body Wash & Bath.
The therapist will wash and rinse off all of your body while fully naked.
She can even take a bath with you on request.
The core of your body will be warmed which will increase the penetration of the aroma massage and aid in its positive effects.

Shower scene(Deluxe course ver.)

Professional aroma oil massage.

Professional Aroma Oil Massage.
After preparing the aroma oil of your choice the therapist will begin your massage.
She will talk to you and work on your body slowly and carefully even using her own body to help with the massage.
If you are feeling especially fatigued in a particular place you can tell the therapist and she will focus on that area.

The photograph of a calf massage
The photograph of a heel massage
The photograph of a shoulder blade massage
The photograph of a back massage
The photograph of a head massage
The photograph of a breast massage

Massage scene(Deluxe course ver.)

Erotic massage&Testicle massage

Erotic Massage & Testicle Massage (Kaiysun - 回春).
Erotic massage & testicle massage.
This is intended for energy enhancement. It improves male function by focusing on the nerve center.
It promotes good reproduction health.
The therapist will carefully perform the erotic massage.
Please lay back and enjoy as the therapist works on the lymphatic gland which is a key point of the erotic massage.
She will also work deep into the roots of your body.
As your pleasure increases your circulation and anticipation will reach its peak.
You will be kindly massaged into pure bliss and relaxation.

Photograph of a testis massage Pattern 1
Photograph of a testis massage Pattern 2
Photograph of a john massage   Pattern 1
Photograph of a john massage   Pattern 2
The back, please thoroughly enjoy the Japanese beautiful breast.

Lay back and thoroughly enjoy beautiful Japanese breasts.
You can touch and kiss the chest of your therapist.
Japanese breasts come in various forms and sizes from those that soft as a marshmallow or water balloon to those that are firm and elastic like.
Many therapists with beautiful breasts work at our establishment.
Please play with the therapist's breasts softly so they do not feel any pain.
Note: You are not allowed to kiss or touch the therapist's private parts.

A nipple is licked.
A nipple is pinched.
A nipple is loved.
A nipple is enjoyed.

Standard course

Nipple licking & Hand job

Standard Course.
Nipple Licking & Hand Job.
Now that you've been loosened up by the full body massage the therapist will wind things up with a stretch of the wrist and begin licking your nipples.
She will finish things by simultaneously licking your nipples and performing a hand job.
This will bring you to a place of pure pleasure that will unwind your entire body.
Your entire body will become sensitive as you are brought to climax.
You will greatly enjoy the unique “Tokyo Style”.

Deluxe course

Blow job with or without condom

Deluxe Course.
Blow job with or without condom.
Your therapist will consciously treat you and bring you climax with her mouth to conclude your erotic massage.
While still in the bed you will be taken on a journey to space!
Note: Some therapists use condoms for this service while others do not.

Climax scene(Deluxe course ver.)


The therapist will wash all aroma oil off of your body.

So long, See you next time…

So long, see you next time...
It is time to go back to the real world.
We sincerely hope you enjoyed your time with the therapist!


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