Tokyo Style - Erotic Escort Massage Agency. Aroma oil and massage delivered to your door.



Q ♥ Minimum Rules

A ♥ We are very sorry,We are unable to deliver our valued therapists to customers who are high-handed, verbally abusive, drunk or who do not understand us, no matter how many times we explain.
We ask for your understanding.
In some cases, we won't hesitate to call the police immediately.

Q ♥ About usage

A ♥ In order to use this service, we will always need your own phone number or social networking account and reservation name (full name is not required, one name is acceptable).
This is not for the purpose of researching you.
For the safety of our valued therapists, we ask that you provide a minimum amount of personal information.

If you refuse to provide us with your name, contact information, or room number, we will not be able to send you a therapist because of the creepy and possibly criminal nature of the situation.
Please understand this.

Tokyo style will not use your personal data for any other purpose.

Q ♥ What kind of service will I receive?

A ♥ First, our cute therapists will wash your body in the shower room.
After showering you can select your favorite aroma oil and we will massage you with it.
A groin massage is also applied to boost your sexual drive and enhance your sexual performance.
Finally, you will be brought to ejaculation by either the therapist's hands or mouth.
There are two different courses available but both will lead you to heaven.

Q ♥ Can I touch the therapist?

A ♥ If you touch the therapist, please do so gently.
You may kiss, touch or lick her breasts. Please let us know if you wish to have a titjob.

Q ♥ Can I make a reservation in advance?

A ♥ New customers can only make reservations after 1 pm on the same day (not your fault, but there are too many naughty reservations).
 If you are a member of Tokyo Style, we accept reservations one week in advance (for repeat customers, customers who have given us their contact information, and customers who have no complaints from the therapist).

However, we cannot accept advance reservations from the next time onward because cancellations on the day will cause a lot of inconvenience to the therapist and other customers.

We ask for your understanding in advance.

Q ♥ Is full service available?

A ♥ We do not offer full service.
Please be careful not to demand more from your therapist than our services.

Q ♥ Is it an illegal shop?

A ♥ No, our service will be a service authorized by the Japanese government.
We abide by the laws of Japan.
So please follow Tokyo Style rules as well.

Q ♥ Are all the therapists at Tokyo style Japanese?

A ♥ Don't worry. All of our therapists are Japanese.

Q ♥ How much are the transportation charges?

A ♥ Within the 23 wards of Tokyo, it is a flat rate of 2000 yen. Other areas will be calculated based on time, expressway charges, etc., but we basically do not recommend this service. Also, we are not able to accept distant areas at times.

Q ♥ Are business hotels OK?

A ♥ Business hotels and your home are OK. However, in the case of business hotels, many hotels require the therapist to come outside to pick you up. (For security reasons, the therapist cannot go to the room alone).

Q ♥ Is all nude service possible?

A ♥ The therapists get fully nude during the deluxe course.

Q ♥ Does only the therapist come to the room?

A ♥ Yes, only the therapist will come to the room.

Q ♥ Can you deliver a girl who speaks English?

A ♥ You will find an indication of English language skills within the individual therapist pages. Please check in advance. You can also check the therapists' English ability in the photo diary. At the lowest level, we may use automatic translation on your smartphone.

Q ♥ Is it possible to get a good massage?

A ♥ Please be assured that all our therapists are trained in massage techniques. Many of them are also experienced. Please let us know if you have any requests.

Q ♥ Do you have an STD policy?

A ♥ Yes, we test all therapists once a month for STDs. We cannot guarantee 100%, but we aim to ensure safety. Customers are also encouraged to take care of their hygiene. Both customers and therapists should enjoy safety first.

Today's Therapists!!


Maki (26)

T.168 B.90(F) W.63 H.89


Yuzu (22)

T.163 B.96(I) W.56 H.90


Yuka (28)

T.153 B.87(D) W.57 H.87


Kaoru (24)

T.146 B.84(E) W.55 H.80


Milla (32)

T.165 B.90(F) W.56 H.86


Sana (24)

T.153 B.83(C) W.56 H.83


Koyuki (24)

T.155 B.88(F) W.57 H.86


Mei (23)

T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93