Tokyo Style - Erotic Escort Massage Agency. Aroma oil and massage delivered to your door.



Q ♥ What kind of service will I receive?

A ♥ First, our cute therapists will wash your body in the shower room.
After showering you can select your favorite aroma oil and we will massage you with it.
A groin massage is also applied to boost your sexual drive and enhance your sexual performance.
Finally, you will be brought to ejaculation by either the therapist's hands or mouth.
There are two different courses available but both will lead you to heaven.

Q ♥ Can I touch the therapist?

A ♥ If you touch the therapist, please do so gently.
You may kiss or touch her breasts but you cannot touch or lick her privates.

Q ♥ Is there a sex service?

A ♥ No, there is no sex service.
Please be careful not to request the therapist more than the service offered by our shop.

Q ♥ Is it an illegal shop?

A ♥ No, our service will be a government-approved service by the Japanese government.
We abide by the laws of Japan.
So, please also observe our customers' rules.

Q ♥ Are all of the women at your shop Japanese?

A ♥ Don't worry. All of the women working at our shop are Japanese.

Q ♥ How much are the transportation charges?

A ♥ It is 2000 Yen.

Q ♥ Are business hotels OK?

A ♥ Business hotels and homes are OK.

Q ♥ Is all nude service possible?

A ♥ The therapists get fully nude during the deluxe course.

Q ♥ Does only the therapist come to the room?

A ♥ Only the therapist will visit the room.

Q ♥ Can you deliver a girl who speaks English?

A ♥ Don't worry. All of our women can communicate enough to do their job well.

Q ♥ Will the massage be good?

A ♥ Please rest assured, the therapists at our shop all receive training in the art of massage.

Q ♥ Do you have any measures against sexual diseases?

A ♥ Yes, we perform STD tests on all therapists once a month.【Inspection items】HIV,Syphilis,Genital chlamydia,Genital gonorrhea,Trichomoniasis,Candida,Pharyngeal gonorrhea.We can't guarantee 100% but we aim to ensure the safety of both our customers and therapists.

Today's Therapists!!


Shin (28)

T.157 B.90(H) W.63 H.88


Kaoru (20)

T.146 B.84(E) W.55 H.80


Sara (28)

T.164 B.93(G) W.58 H.89


Koyuki (24)

T.155 B.88(F) W.57 H.86


Mei (23)

T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93