Tokyo Style - Erotic Escort Massage Agency. Aroma oil and massage delivered to your door.



Q ♥ Minimum Rules

A ♥ We appreciate your business. To ensure a comfortable experience for everyone, please follow these rules. We may have to refuse service if there are rude attitudes, abusive language, excessive drinking, or repeated misunderstandings. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. In some cases, we may need to contact the police for assistance.

Q ♥ How to Use the Service

A ♥ To use this service, we require your phone number or SNS account and a reservation name (full name is not required). This is to ensure the safety of our therapists and to keep personal information to a minimum. If you refuse to provide your name, contact information, or room number, we may not be able to offer our service for safety reasons. Rest assured, we do not use your personal information for any other purpose.

When making a reservation, the following information is required, so please check it in advance to ensure a smooth process.

・Your name (Providing just your first name is perfectly fine)
・Starting time
・Hotel name, or if it is an apartment, the building name and address
・Room number
・Name of therapist to reserve
・Course and course time

Q ♥ What kind of service will I receive?

A ♥ First, our cute therapists will wash your body in the shower room.
After showering you can select your favorite aroma oil and we will massage you with it.
A groin massage is also applied to boost your sexual drive and enhance your sexual performance.
Finally, you will be brought to ejaculation by either the therapist's hands or mouth.
There are two different courses available but both will lead you to heaven.

Q ♥ Can I Touch the Therapist?

A ♥ If you wish to touch the therapist, please do so gently and respectfully. Kissing, touching, or licking the chest is allowed, but always be gentle. If you would like a titjob, please let us know directly.

Q ♥ Can I Make a Reservation in Advance?

A ♥ New customers can make reservations after 1 PM on the same day. Tokyo Style members can make reservations up to a week in advance. However, please note that canceling on the same day may affect future reservations due to the inconvenience it causes to our therapists and other customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Q ♥ Do You Offer Full Service?

A ♥ We do not offer full service. However, we strive to provide satisfaction beyond full service, so please give us a try.

Q ♥ Is This an Illegal Business?

A ♥ No, our services are government-approved in Japan. We strictly adhere to Japanese laws to provide safe and legal services.

Q ♥ Are All Tokyo Style Therapists Japanese?

A ♥ Yes, please rest assured. All our therapists are Japanese. We do not misrepresent nationalities, so please check our website for available therapists today and choose your preferred one.

Q ♥ How Much Is the Travel Fee?

A ♥ The travel fee within Tokyo's 23 wards is a flat rate of 2000 yen. For other areas, the fee varies based on time and highway costs. Please contact us for details. We may not be able to accommodate long-distance requests.

Q ♥ Is Service Available at Business Hotels?

A ♥ Yes, we provide services at business hotels and homes. However, for business hotels, therapists may meet you outside for security reasons.

Q ♥ Is Full Nude Service Available?

A ♥ For the deluxe course, the therapist will provide services in full nude. Oral service is also included. There are differences between services with a condom and without a condom, depending on the therapist. Details are provided on the therapist's page.

Q ♥ Will Only the Therapist Come to the Room?

A ♥ Yes, only the therapist will visit your room.

Q ♥ Can I Request an English-Speaking Therapist?

A ♥ Each therapist's English proficiency is noted on their page, so please check in advance. The photo diary also provides information on their English skills. For basic communication, we might use smartphone auto-translation.

Q ♥ Can I Receive a Pleasant Massage?

A ♥ All our therapists are trained in massage techniques, so you can relax and enjoy. We have many experienced therapists, so please feel free to let us know your preferences.

Q ♥ What Are Your Policies on STIs?

A ♥ Yes, all therapists undergo monthly STI tests. While we cannot guarantee 100% safety, we strive to ensure a safe environment. We also ask our customers to practice good hygiene. Let's prioritize safety for both customers and therapists.

Today's Therapists!!


Yuzu (22)

T.163 B.96(I) W.56 H.90


Yuka (28)

T.153 B.87(D) W.57 H.87


Milla (32)

T.165 B.90(F) W.56 H.86


Koyuki (24)

T.155 B.88(F) W.57 H.86


Mei (23)

T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93