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Therapist Introduction Mei

Mei (23)
T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93
English skill level
Erotic massge level Erotic massge level
Reflexology Reflexology
Head massage Head massage
Stretch Stretch
Blowjob with or without condom?
With condom
Luxury option

Therapist's Message.
Enjoy the time you can spend together!
Manager's Message.
Sweet voice, sweet personality, beautiful young and cute woman!
This is the sister of all mankind!

Mei (23)

T.157 B.88(G) W.57 H.93

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Therapist Interviews

Q.Most attractive feature
Q.My personality
A.pretty chill
Q.Favorite color
Q.Favorite food
Q.Perferred type of man
A.A kind person
Q.Favorite movie,music and manga piece Idol  one piece
Q.Age of first sexual experience
A.15 years old
Q.Special abilities
Q.Favorite place in Japan
A.Sky tree
Q.Favorite word in Japanese
A.Thank you

Mei Customers FeedbackTotal 4  (1 - 4)   
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Iran.

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Thanks mei you are very good
  •       Good
  • Reviewer's country INDONESIA .

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Very cute like the secretary type, petite and very lovely. Kind and take it slow. Although the negative part is the English barrier. The bad thing is she don’t allowing the guy to kiss her. Maybe I expecting more.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Australia.

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Mei is a beauty and very kindhearted. It is very unfortunate that we have language barriers, however, I had a wonderful evening. Thank you Mei :)
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country France.

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Very nice and gentle lady. The best experience after a long trip
Total 4  (1 - 4)   

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