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Therapist Introduction Milla

Milla (32)
T.165 B.90(F) W.56 H.86
English skill level
Erotic massge level Erotic massge level
Reflexology Reflexology
Head massage Head massage
Stretch Stretch
Blowjob with or without condom?
With condom
Luxury option

Therapist's Message.
I am a qualified massage therapist.
I also work as a beauty esthetician.
I would love you to experience my special deep relaxing massage&more♡
Manager's Message.
★English speaker★
Most attractive feature
Big eyes, smooth soft skins
My personality
positive, friendly, polite

Special abilities
Deep oil massge
Lady OK

Milla (32)

T.165 B.90(F) W.56 H.86

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Therapist Interviews

Q.Most attractive feature
A.Big eyes, smooth dark skin
Q.My personality
A.Positive, Friendly, Polite
A.Travel, Yoga exercise,Dance
Q.Favorite color
A.Blue, Pink, Black
Q.Favorite food
A.Japanese food, Thai food
Q.Perferred type of man
A.A man with a sense of humor
Q.Favorite movie,music and manga
A.Ambient, Electronic music, Art films
Q.Age of first sexual experience
A.18years old
Q.Special abilities
A.Deep touch massage, Head massage
Q.Favorite place in Japan
A.TOKYO♡The Ilands of Okinawa
Q.Favorite word in Japanese

Milla Photo diary

Zaru Soba 蕎麦
Sep 28, 2023, 18:55

Thank you for the long reservation last night
It was my pleasure to give you my special
massage 💆

I had my favorite soba for lunch 💖

18pm-4am tonight.

Milla ✨

Summer&Autumn ☀️&🍂
Sep 27, 2023, 16:55

Thank you for the reservation on Tuesday night. Happy that you enjoyed my massage🩷

Today's hot again in day time ☀️
Feeling bettter in evening time 🌉

18pm-4am tonight ✨


Autumn in Japan 🍂
Sep 25, 2023, 17:34

Hello 🌞

You feel finally Autumn season in Japan🍂

Feeling sad to say bye to sumner but
one of the beautiful seasons starts🍁

This week I work from Monday to Wendnesday.
If you feel like getting the relaxing massage!


Happy Friday❣️
Sep 22, 2023, 17:51

Happy Friday ❤️

It's raining in Tokyo☔️ but it's cool day.😌

Thank you for the all the reservation last night
until very late. 

Thank you for the long reservation tonight.
See you soon.🩵


Sep 21, 2023, 18:49

Thank you all who invited me last night
& very kind review of me🙏✨ 
I am also happy that some of you came back
to see me😊

I really enjoy every time to listening your interesting story and happy if you can be relaxed with my massage💆💖


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Milla Customers FeedbackTotal 10  (1 - 10)   
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country US.Date of service 29/9

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Great massage from beautiful lady Milla. She is absolutely gorgeous,stunning,sexy with her mixed-blood looking.She has also lovely personality. We made great conversation. Thanks Milla for the time spent together.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country United States.Date of service 2023/09/20

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Very cultured, easy to talk to, pleasant personality. Good vibes.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Australia.Date of service 19 Sept

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Thank you Milla, I really enjoyed our time! Wonderful relaxing massage, chatting about our travels and all sorts of funny business 😆 You are unique and I would absolutely love to see you again.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Italy .Date of service 31-08-2023

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Superb performance make really comfortable. Thanks 😊
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Singapore.Date of service 30-Aug-2023

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
The overall service done by Milla was absolutely incredible as she knows what I need to ease my tired body after a long day outside. She is capable ti speak fluent english and good communication skills. I will ensure to engage her again on my next trip to Tokyo very soon.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country US.Date of service 2023-07-21

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Milla, It was such a gift meeting you. Thank you for being the beautiful person you are. I love you. You're amazing.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country France/K.Date of service 15July

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Milla is elegant and a natural beauty oozing, great personality with soulful beautiful eyes. Her skin is dark and smooth,beautiful to touch. She speaks excellent English. Great massage skilled. I would definitely request her again.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country USA.Date of service 01-07-2023

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Mila is very beautiful in everything inside&outside, Great to talk her English is really good, high skilled level massage. she made me feel comfortable and relaxed.I will she her again the next time i visit Tokyo. Milla is really really excellent.
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country USA.Date of service 6/9/23

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
She was a little bit early which was surprising since I made a very last minute reservation. When I first saw her she was beautiful. More so than the pictures that she has posted. It's my first time having this kind of service so she was very nice when working with me and explaining how things will go. It made me feel very comfortable and that fact that her English is so good, really helped with communication. Her skills were good all around and we had great conversation. What a great way to end my trip in Japan and I would definitely request her again if I ever got the chance to. 10/10
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country Holland.Date of service 7 june 2023

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Milla arrived perfectly on time. She is more beautifull then the pictures!:) She was very nice and open about how everything worked since it was my first time. Milla was very good about asking if things were ok and if the massage should be softer/harder. English was really good she new when to ask questions and when to let me zone out and relax. Best way to end a long holiday in Japan!! 10/10!!!
Total 10  (1 - 10)   

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