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Therapist Introduction Sara

Sara (28)
T.164 B.93(G) W.58 H.89
English skill level
Erotic massge level Erotic massge level
Reflexology Reflexology
Head massage Head massage
Stretch Stretch
Blowjob with or without condom?
With condom
Luxury option

Therapist's Message.
Nice to meet you, Sarah.
I hope the massage will make you feel good in various places.
Manager's Message.
Sara has a beauty like a goddess.
He has a very close and cheerful personality.
And the massage skill is very high.
It's even more erotic.
I recommend it.

Sara (28)

T.164 B.93(G) W.58 H.89

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Therapist Interviews

Q.Most attractive feature
Q.My personality
A.bright personality
Q.Favorite color
Q.Favorite food
Q.Perferred type of man
Q.Favorite movie,music and manga
A.Movie: Disney
Music: K-POP
Manga: One Piece
Q.Age of first sexual experience
A.15 years old
Q.Special abilities
Q.Favorite place in Japan
Q.Favorite word in Japanese
A.Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Sara Photo diary

Sep 18, 2021, 05:48

Thank you for your inquiry. I'm sorry I couldn't see you at the right time. I'm looking forward to seeing you again♪ Good night,
Sep 17, 2021, 16:41

Please drink plenty of water after the massage♪ That alone will change your health the next day.
Sep 16, 2021, 19:45

I have to go to work 9 p.m. I can't travel these days, so I watch YouTube on my trip. I recommend it because it makes me feel like I've been there.
Sep 15, 2021, 16:59

I'm here today I hope we can have a wonderful day together today.
Sep 14, 2021, 19:26

Summer is over, isn't it? love the dusk of autumn Which season do you like?
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Sara Customers FeedbackTotal 2  (1 - 2)   
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country france.Date of service 7 september 2021

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Arigato Sara ! You are really a princess you'll always be in my heart I wish you all the best I hope we will meet again one day Merci beaucoup
  •       Very good
  • Reviewer's country France.Date of service 31 aout 21

Impression of therapist's Erotic Escort Massage
Merci beaucoup Sara! Thank you Sara! You gave an excellent whole body massage and great deluxe service. I will never forget
Total 2  (1 - 2)   

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