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Customers Feedback
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  • Therapist's MARIE-Sumire   Very good
  • Date of service Nov/28/14
Sumire was beautiful, sweet and very friendly. The massage I received was out of this world (GREAT), I definitely enjoyed my time with her and will be booking another massage in the near future with her. Even though due to traffic jam arrival time was later than booked it was well worth the wait!!
Other opinions
I will highly recommend Tokyo Style to my colleagues.

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 11/29/2014
She is a great massuese!
Other opinions
Everything is great!


  • Therapist's Mako   Very good
  • Date of service 24-11-2014
I still don't believe the spectacular service I just received from Mako. She is incredibly beautiful, respectful and gorgeous in every sense. I just fell in love with her. If she can see this, I would appreciate it if she can email me to ☆☆☆☆☆ so I can thank her again. My name is Andres.
Other opinions
Perfect service. Just perfect

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 12/11/14
Yuri is the best therapist you have in Tokyo style! She\'s beautiful, sweet and she does great massage !!!! Every time I will come to tokyo I will book Yuri!!!
Other opinions

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 20/11/2014
Great service. Thank you
Other opinions

Total 285  (281 - 285)   [1] << Back 26 27 28 29

Today's Therapists!!


Yura (20)

T.155 B.87(F) W.57 H.89


Miyu (23)

T.148 B.93(H) W.58 H.86


Kaori (26)

T.156 B.90(H) W.59 H.90


Yui (24)

T.158 B.87(D) W.57 H.89


Umi (24)

T.156 B.86(F) W.55 H.86


Aina (23)

T.156 B.88(H) W.58 H.88


Kana (25)

T.153 B.86(E) W.58 H.90


Satomi (23)

T.148 B.86(C) W.60 H.89