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  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 22/5/18
    Reviewer's country UK.
Sayu is simply the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen, she's cute and sweet too. Not been doing this long and her massage skills will improve but she is so lovely. Be careful - you just might fall in love. I know I did.
Other opinions
Great service and Comms. Girl was late but traffic problems are ubcersyable sndvinwas kept informed. Boss very polite and professional

  • Therapist's    Good
  • Date of service 20 May 2018
    Reviewer's country Singapore.
Yuki san is clam and gentle lady . Nice to talk to and speaks decent English .she is good at her work and friendly .
Other opinions
Keep the good work going .


  • Therapist's MARIE-Sumire   Very good
  • Date of service 20 april 2018
    Reviewer's country France.
I have had many massages all over the world, but this massage with Marie Sumire was just incredible. She is everything you would dream from an Asian woman. She is kind, has an incredible beautiful face, she is clever and sooo sweeet. We had great eye contact together during massage, she is the kind of girls you do not want to watch only her wonderful body. My best massage ever. For the second part of the massage, it will remain our secret it - but that was exceptional too :) thank you Marie Sumire. I will bring your gentle touch with me back home.
Other opinions
Clear, friendly, flexible contact.

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 10-4-18
    Reviewer's country Malaysia.
Other opinions


  • Therapist's Waka   Very good
  • Date of service 30.03.2018
    Reviewer's country India.
Very pleasant, lot of warmth, enjoys job. Great experience,
Other opinions

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service February 2018
    Reviewer's country Hk.
Very pleasant and experienced. A pleasure to talk to.
Other opinions
Please do not put ‘luxury option - ok’ on your website. This is NOT true and if I see this is incorrect, I will not use your service. Thanks

  • Therapist's    Very good
  • Date of service 2/2018
    Reviewer's country Hk.
Very professional, expert and very relaxing and friendly style
Other opinions
I am very disappointed that you advertise ‘luxury option’ as she indicated that she does not offer this. It is very unfair on the therapist and also not fair on the customer. I will tell my colleagues not to believe the on line website. Very sad


  • Therapist's Lily   Very good
  • Date of service 31/01
    Reviewer's country Hong Kong.
Lily is definitely the choice. She has a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. She is cute and seductive. She knows good english so we can chat during the session. Friendly yet sexy. She would definitely took your heart.
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  • Therapist's MARIE-Sumire   Very good
  • Date of service Jan 23
    Reviewer's country Taiwan.
Fantastic attitude to her job and excellent service. She sets the benchmark for other therapists
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  • Therapist's Saki   Very good
  • Date of service 19/01/2018
    Reviewer's country HONG KONG.
Saki is a pretty, cute and warm girl. She was very attentive when I talked to her and always had a beautiful smile on her face. I did really enjoy the talking with her. She also performed a good massage, it was so relaxing. Hope to see u again!! Cheers!!
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Yura (20)

T.155 B.87(F) W.57 H.89


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T.148 B.93(H) W.58 H.86


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T.156 B.88(H) W.58 H.88


Kana (25)

T.153 B.86(E) W.58 H.90


Satomi (23)

T.148 B.86(C) W.60 H.89