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Yura (20)

Yura (20)

T.155 B.87(F) W.57 H.89

Satomi (23)

Satomi (23)

T.148 B.86(C) W.60 H.89

Natsu (20)

Natsu (20)

T.158 B.85(D) W.58 H.85

Serika (21)

Serika (21)

T.169 B.88(F) W.55 H.92

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~We warmly welcome you to Japan~

Tokyo Style provides you with a fusion of quality aroma massage and eroticism in a way that has gained popularity in Japan.
Our establishment aims to relieve you of your travel fatigue by offering beautiful Japanese therapists who try hard to entertain you with top-class Japanese style.
We provide you not only with simple erotic service but painstakingly designed a high quality Japanese-style service. Please feel free to contact us. We can dispatch our therapists to your home or hotel anywhere in Tokyo.
We hope you will enjoy our Japanese-style approach and feel luxuriously pampered and healed to your heart's content.

Tanaka, Manager.


Today's Therapists!!

Last Update:19 Aug 2018 04:03

Yura (20)

T.155 B.87(F) W.57 H.89


Natsu (20)

T.158 B.85(D) W.58 H.85


Serika (21)

T.169 B.88(F) W.55 H.92


Sara (26)

T.160 B.88(F) W.58 H.87


Kaori (26)

T.156 B.90(H) W.59 H.90


Sora (25)

T.148 B.90(G) W.58 H.86


Rino (26)

T.162 B.88(F) W.56 H.88


Nana (27)

T.165 B.100(I) W.58 H.84


Miyu (23)

T.148 B.93(H) W.58 H.86


Sen (24)

T.166 B.89(G) W.57 H.90

Cryptocurrency is available!!!

Cryptocurrency is available!!!


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  • Therapist's Nana   Very good
  • Date of service 14/08/2018
    Reviewer's country Tokyo.
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  • Therapist's MARIE-Sumire   Very good
  • Date of service July 27 2018
    Reviewer's country America.
Marie is such a charming women and beautiful. She took her time explaining everything as it was my first experience. I definitely would recommend her and my only regret was booking her for 2 hours only.
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  • Therapist's Sayu   Very good
  • Date of service 7/26/2018
    Reviewer's country United States of America.
Sayu is such a wonderful person! She has such a great smile, gentle touch, and amazing personality. She is very cute and pretty, and I would highly recommend.
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  • Therapist's Waka   Very good
  • Date of service 07/17/2018
    Reviewer's country United States.
She was very pleasant to spend time/chat with and was skilled at her work. I give her the highest of marks and would highly recommend!
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  • Therapist's Hana   Very good
  • Date of service July 7th 2018
    Reviewer's country USA.
I spent 2 very enjoyable hours with Hana. She is a beautiful young women, very slim with great assets. I will repeat when next in Tokyo. とても楽しかったです。 ありがとうございました。
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I recommend the deluxe course with the luxury option.